We recently sold our Horse property through the Propaland real estate company. I can say without hesitation that if you are thinking of selling your property then you need look no further than Tony Cowan of Propaland realty.

We have bought and sold five other properties up until this one and without a doubt found Tony to be the most professional, organised and confident one of the lot. From the day we signed, there was immediate action. He planned the advertising program having photography, signs and literature happening instantly, all the while with Tony personally overseeing and advising on what presented in the best possible way.

Little things impressed us also, such as the sign location which was very important to him, it wasn’t installed were he had asked it to be put for maximum effect, so he had them come straight back and move it. In the past with our other properties previous agents just left to the sign guys to put where ever they thought to be best. We lost count of how many times he called out with various people overseeing and organising setting up for these very important sales aids and advertising.

The communication for media advertising, ie newspapers and various magazines etc was nothing short of total professionalism. The whole way through Tony kept us informed in detail of what , how and when these were happening. The people that called us from various mediums had a very high level of respect for Tony’s instruction. Tony designed the impressive photo sign, and all picture adds etc we had.

The home opens Tony ran were advertised weekly and were for 1 hr, several times these ran over considerably with prospective buyers, I asked him about it making him late for other home opens he had after ours, but he just said no problem he had called an associate to cover them so he stay and concentrate with a prospect on ours.

Through the selling term had a couple of offers that unfortunately fell over on finance, but after these he sold our property in what we know currently as a depressed and difficult market at a price we were happy with. In the end our sale was a subject to sale offer type of deal, and Tony took on selling our buyers house, which he did in a very short time (3 weeks!) Our Buyers were delighted, not because of the fast sale but also because he sold it for substantially more then they wanted or needed to complete the sale for our place. All this and in the back round personally selling other properties in the broad metropolitan area as well as selling blocks of land in a large land development in Landsdale (We often said, does this guy ever sleep!) .

There a plenty of real estate agents that promise the world, typically they would say “oh yes we have a few people on our books that would be very happy to make an offer, this is just what they are looking for” Polony! They just want to get the listing, as soon as you sign and after the so called hot prospects have gone through, then come out the excuses , “oh they wanted a bigger lounge” or “no room to put a caravan” etc etc, is what we had experienced in the past. Tony came along and just promised to do his best, presented us with all of the sales evidence from our area and gave us an honest realistic opinion of what we might hope to achieve in the market for our place and how he was going to do it.

And he did do just that. We are very happy as are our buyers whom we see often and they say they would use Propaland again, as we will in the future without hesitation.

Yours sincerely,


Rob and Deb Ribbans 14 December 2012

Dear Tony

I would like to express my appreciation for the great customer service I received from you in regard to the sale of my townhouse in Noranda.

You were most helpful and very patient, explaining the processes regarding listing a property for sale, and the requirements for Home Opens, answering all the questions I asked.

Thanks to your expertise and prompt listing I only had to endure three Home Opens and I received the offer, receiving the full asking price.

I am grateful I had the opportunity to do business with you and will be recommending your business to friends and family.

Thanks from a very happy client.


Anne Dunstan 24 January 2013